Emergency Relief Valve

Emergency Pressure Relief Valve series products manufactured by Dragon Industries are storage tanks providing emergency relief, and they are used for handling overpressure of the storage tank when an emergency occurs. There are various specifications and special materials for selection by customers.

Product Details

  • A high-quality spring is selected, and the anti-fatigue performance is excellent;

  • Multiple materials can be selected for manufacturing the valve seat and the valve disc, and they are suitable for various working conditions;

  • The components of the valve element and the valve seat can be replaced on site (the internal maintenance staff can conduct maintenance);

  • The anti-corrosion coating is suitable for the application with the strongest corrosivity;

  • The certified displacement curve is suitable for various product sizes; and

  • There are ANSI, ASME, DIN and HG/T20592~20635-2009 flanges for options.

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