Pressure/Vacuum Valve

All breather valve series products manufactured by Dragon Industries are manufactured according to the standards of SY/T 0511.1-2010 and API 2000.

The excellent performance of the 1000 series breather valve, including the pipe-end type breather valve, the pipeline type breater valve, the single-breathing valve and the single-suction valve, and its excellent performance takes the lead of similar products in the country. The breather valve refers to a kind of valve which can ensure the tank space to be isolated from the atmosphere within a certain pressure range and can communicate with the atmosphere (breathing) when exceeding or being lower than such pressure range. It has the following functions that it prevents the storage tank from being damaged due to overpressure or vacuum, and meanwhile it can reduce the evaporation loss of stored liquid. It mainly comprises a valve seat, a valve bonnet, a protective cover and two groups of starting and closing devices of vacuum and pressure control. The starting and closing device includes a valve disc, a guide rod, a spring, a spring seat, a sealing ring, etc. When pressure in the tank reaches the rated breathing positive pressure, the pressure valve disc is opened, vapor in the tank is discharged; and when the vacuum degree reaches the rated suction negative pressure, the vacuum valve disc is openned, and the air enters.

Product Details

  • The opening and closing pressure difference is small, and the opening height can at least reach more than 1/3 of the nominal diameter of the breather valve;

  • A high-quality spring is selected, and the anti-fatigue performance is excellent;

  • Multiple materials can be selected for manufacturing the valve seat and the valve disc, and they are suitable for various working conditions;

  • The components of the valve element and the valve seat can be replaced on site (the internal maintenance staff can conduct maintenance);

  • The air inlet is provided with a filter screen to prevent sundries from entering the internal part of the storage tank;

  • The certified displacement curve is suitable for various product sizes; and

  • According to the user’s requirements, accessories of fire arrestors, linings, clamp covers, etc. can be additionally provided.

  • There are ANSI, ASME, DIN and HG/T20592~20635-2009 flanges for options.

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