Flame Arrester

A flame arrester functions by absorbing the heat from a flame front traveling at subsonic velocities, thus dropping the burning gas/air mixture below its auto-ignition temperature: consequently, the flame cannot survive.


3D Display

Product Details

  • Applicable to IIA, IIB or IIC gaseous medium;

  • Suitable for deflagration;

  • The applicable distance between the potential ignition source and the installation location of the flame arrester depends on the size of the specification and the actual medium;

  • Unique fireproof plate design, easy to be blocked, and low pressure loss of pipeline;

  • Flange-type structure, the flame arrester core can be directly drawn out to clean when cleaning the flame arrester, so as to facilitate inspection and maintenance;

  • Optional pressure sensor and temperature sensor to monitor the status of both ends of the flame arrester;

  • Two-way protection design.

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